Water Smart Restaurants in Cape Town for The Eco Conscious Traveller

If you have booked your stay in Cape Town self-catering accommodation there are a number of reasons for concern. They’re not your concern though, the Mother City has got you covered when it comes to a water-wise visit.

Everyone is working their hardest to conserve this vital resource and ensure that the city keeps delivering the unforgettable experiences that it is known for. The latest addition to the fray are these water-wise restaurants, who have pulled out all the stops when it comes to conservative dining.

Vineyard Hotel, Newlands

You won’t find bland boiled fare on the menu at The Vineyard anyway but now all pasta and boiled vegetables have been removed too. Instead, crisp fried or succulent steamed varieties are on offer. Water used to wash vegetables is being stored for re-use as an extra saving measure.

Similar initiatives are in place at all the branches i.e. The Square, Myoga, Garden Lounge and Splash Café.

Eight Restaurant at Spier, Stellenbosch

This innovative establishment has taken things to a whole new level by manufacturing its own water from thin air. That’s right, their Water From Air™ machine creates 1 500 litres of water a day by air condensation. Over 400 water saving devices have been installed around this eco-friendly estate too.

La Bottega, Woodstock

This Italian diner has taken a clever approach to water saving by harvesting all the water from their ice troughs. In this way they are able to collect 200 litres of water a day to for kitchen, garden and rest room use.

Other water-saving initiatives include using wine-cooler sleeves instead of ice buckets, using biodegradable coffee cups to save on washing up, using grey water to irrigate fresh herbs, water-saving devices on kitchen and rest room taps, and hand sanitizing sprays and wipes in restrooms.

These procedures are in place at the following establishments, be sure to make them your first choice for meals during your stay in Cape Town.

  • Saucisse Deli, Woodstock
  • Catch22, Tableview
  • Tribe Coffee, City Bowl
  • IYO Burgers, City Bowl
  • Villa 47, City Bowl
  • Massimo’s, Hout Bay
  • The Cousins, City Bowl
  • Banana Jam, Kenilworth

Cape Town is a resourceful and inventive city and welcomes visitors no matter what. Book your Cape Town Self-Catering Accommodation and enjoy your stay – we’ve got this.


Image Credit: pixabay
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Water Smart Restaurants in Cape Town for The Eco Conscious Traveller

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