Shopping Up a Storm in Cape Town

To make the most of all the city’s shopping experiences while you are staying at your self-catering accommodation in Cape town would surely take a lifetime.

Here’s where to go when you need variety and you need it fast.

Streets to Shop In

Start your journey off at Greenmarket Square which is mainly filled with generic African curios, but worth a visit for its great vibe and take home gifts anyway.

Head along Church Street to the cobbled pedestrian walkway where you will find a few antiques dealers peddling their wares as well as Chandler House. Here you will find the work of renowned South African designer, Michael Chandler as well as other talented artists. Spend a while browsing among the ceramics, linens, stationery, beadwork and soapstone carvings before making your way to Long Street.

Long Street is a highway of high fashion and trinkets. Some of the noteworthy stores along this strip include:

  • Mungo and Jemima’s for a showcase of top South African designers
  • Imagenius for funky artefacts of local design
  • Tribal Trends where you’ll get authentic African-inspired curios
  • The Pan African Market offers cost effective options and a wide variety of goods

Towards the mountain end of Long Street’s backpacker zone, you’ll come across a few quirky stores that are well worth a good peek.

After the eccentricities of Long Street, head down Bree Street towards the harbour and delve into the shops around Heritage Square.

The Bo Kaap

The Bo Kaap is not known for its shopping, but chances are you’ll be heading there for the interesting tours, unique vibe and aromatic foods anyway.

While you are in the area, don’t miss the chance to pop into the collective studio, Streetwires for local creations. The Haas Collective is a great stop for coffee lovers, who can top up their caffeine levels while browsing the onsite gallery.


The Biscuit Mill in Woodstock is one of the most popular shopping areas in Cape Town. If it’s trendy or quirky, you’ll probably find it here. Heartworks and Imiso are two that should not be missed at this centre.

There is an excellent book shop across the way at Salt Circle Arcade while the Woodstock Foundry is just down the drag in Albert Road for metalwork, delicate jewellery, and Cape-Nordic style furniture.

The Woodstock Exchange is a source of gorgeous hats, leather bags, bohemian cafés and art galleries.

After all that, your bags should be bulging and your feet on fire. There’s still the V&A Waterfront, Kalk Bay and De Waterkant to investigate though, perhaps those are best left for another day.

You can always book a few extra days at your luxury self-catering accommodation to take it all in.

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