Shark Spotters have your back in Cape Town surf

Great White sharks love the clear waters of the South African coastline almost as much as water sports enthusiasts do. While this is great news if you are into shark cage diving, it can be a little worrying if you intend to lap up the luxury Cape Town beach vibe during your visit to the mother city.

Try not to look like a turtle
Surfers, in particular, are not very fond of sharks, as a result of a case (or few) of mistaken identity on the part of these large marine predators in the past. While unfortunate incidents do happen, these are extremely rare and Cape Town is working hard to ensure they become even more so.

Shark Spotters of Cape Town have got you covered during your visit to our city’s lovely beaches. A community of dedicated and passionate people, Shark Spotters are committed to researching and protecting sharks as well as educating the public and keeping them safe.
These conservation-minded folk are available to answer all your shark-related queries and have set up a handy flag system for you to follow when using our beaches.

Check the flags before you enter the ocean
Before you even shake out your beach towel or wax your board, have a look to see if the Shark Spotters are on duty at your chosen surf spot. No flag means no spotter on duty and while it’s ultimately your call, it might be a good idea to settle for some sunbathing, people watching or beach volleyball instead of heading for the waves.

Likewise, do not enter the water if the red flag with a white shark silhouette is flying or if there is a white flag with a black shark silhouette on it. The red flag indicates that conditions are favourable for sharks while the white flag indicates that a shark has been spotted. A siren is also sounded to alert bathers to leave the water when a shark is seen.

Green = Go for it!
A green flag with a white outline of a shark on it means conditions are great for spotting sharks, while a black flag with a white shark outline indicates poor conditions for shark sightings. It is best to stick with the simple mantra that green is for go in the water and any other colour isn’t. While the Shark Spotters do a fantastic job of keeping the public safe, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

If the red, white or black flags make an appearance, you can always console yourself with a host of other luxury Cape Town activities and adventures for the day

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