Sectional Title Management

Do you need a professional property manager to manage your sectional title block?

Let us manage the day to day issues for you!


Attend Trustee meetings
Arrange all procedures for AGM
Action all AGM administration
Assist with AGM procedure
Prepare and dispatch notices
Assist with Body Corporate rules


Arrange annual Audit pack
Submit audited statement

Budgeting and Financial Management

Annual preparation of budget for Trustees
Ongoing review of budget
Maintaining individual ledger accounts for Owners
Verify and make payment of funds for Body Corporate


Arrange insurance for the block
Administer common property insurance claims


Set monthly levies
Manage CSOS levies
Efficiently collect levies
Collect on and charge for arrears
Pay regional service levies

Monthly reporting

Preparation of monthly income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets
Prepare a monthly arrears report

Record keeping

Record keeping of accounts
Keeping records of assets and liabilities
Record income and expenditure
Register of all Owner details
Retain all records for 6 years

Reserve management

Prepare for contingencies
Advise and assist in managing the reserve fund
Open and manage the reserve account
Open and manage a bank account for Body Corporate

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