Learn a Life Skill During Your Cape Town Holiday

One of the many things that will amaze you during your Cape Town holiday is the fascination that the city’s inhabitants have with coffee (and gin). There are 38 different ways to drink coffee and you’ll find them all somewhere in Cape Town.

If You Can’t Beat Them

It’s got to the stage where the city is becoming synonymous with this caffeine infused drink.

You won’t’ beat it, so you may as well join the coffee craze and sign up for a barista course while you’re in town. Your future dinner guests will be suitably impressed and you will have a lot of fun in the process.

You’ll also have a reminder of your Cape Town holiday every time you crank up your coffee machine.

You will find coffee appreciation and beginner’s barista courses on offer at many of the best coffee shops in Cape Town. These are our favourites.

Truth Coffee       

Truth offers a quick course to bring you up to speed with all the latest coffee jargon and will teach you how to pour the perfect cuppa. A more detailed coffee appreciation course delves into the mysteries of milk preparation, presentation and the art of tasting coffee by ‘cupping’. More enthusiastic learners can sign up for a 5-day professional course which covers every aspect of creating award-winning coffees.

You may as well learn from the best. This uber-cool coffee café was recently voted as one of the world’s top coffee shops, and that’s no lie.

Origin Coffee Roasters

The Barista Academy at Origin offers a variety of learning opportunities for coffee lovers. There’s the hour long coffee knowledge and cupping sessions as well as 3-hour and 3-day varieties. Bookings are via Quicket and they even offer couples classes – a great gift for the couple who has it all.

Shaker Bar School

Turns out Shaker Bar School offers more than mixology classes. Sign up for the 3-day Professional Barista course and you’ll learn how to make a great cuppa too.

Latte Love

You’ll adore these courses (also facilitated by Shaker Bar School) which focus on quick masterclasses of 3 hours duration for home baristas. They also offer a 6-hour version for those who’d like to take their barista career further. Latte Love even does house calls as long as you have the basic tools of the trade in place.

Why not bring something more than memories back from your Cape Town Holiday and book yourself a hands-on brewing experience?

Image credit: UnSplash
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