Explore The Gin Capital of the World During Your Cape Town Stay

With no other city staking a claim to the title, Cape Town has crowned itself the gin capital of the world, and why not?


It all started with the colonisation of South Africa by the British. These ever-so-civilised marauders started the tradition of 5 o’clock G&Ts, supposedly to ward off the effects of malaria. There’s little chance of catching malaria in Cape Town, but nonetheless… 


Add to that the nation’s natural propensity for socialising with a few drinks to smooth things along, and you get the Gin Capital of the World! The greatest reason for Cape Town’s rise as the gin capital of the world goes far beyond these elements though.


Natural Resources


The city is a melting pot of creativity and entrepreneurship backed by a diverse range of natural raw ingredients – and so it is with gin.


The Western Cape is home to one of six floral kingdoms found worldwide. It may be the smallest of these but it is also the most diverse. Table Mountain alone harbours more floral species than the entire United Kingdom.


So what do Capetonians do when faced with this wealth of diverse natural ingredients and any other readily available substances? They make gin!


Local distilleries have latched on to these unique aspects of their environment and are now crafting gin from varieties of fynbos as diverse as buchu and proteas. These locally produced variants have made this version of a classic drink into a Cape Town ‘special’ and a favourite amongst visitors and locals alike.


You can find these gems and places to enjoy them during your Cape Town stay dotted throughout the city.


Where to Sip on Gin During Your Cape Town Stay


Woodstock Gin Company has taken the old after-work favourites, beer and wine, and transformed them into a unique base for flavoursome gin. Native rooibos and honeybush go into creating a more traditional ‘High Tea’ gin with a local tang.


Nearby, New Harbour Distillery are the creators of the most South African gin of all made from King Proteas. Their technique is based on a Khoisan trick where the flowers are ‘milked’ to enhance the flavour.


Die hard enthusiasts can take the 4-hour trip to Inverroche to sample the most famous gin of all in the little town of Stillbaai. Known for its incredibly unique tastes, Inverroche brews all manner of fynbos-based gins including the delectable Amber Gin with its subtle Rooibos and toffee flavours.


Once you’ve tried all the local hits, you’ll find a host of ‘ordinary’ gin bars serving up international versions of this favourite tipple in almost any concoction you could dream of.


You can go it alone or book a Gin Tour during your Cape Town stay. There’s no end to the ways in which you can enjoy the city’s hospitality, originality and love of all things gin-related.


Image credit: Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

Sources: http://www.kiffkombitours.co.za/2017/10/31/gin-capital-world-cape-town/


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