Dining in Cape Town – Reuben Riffel

Reuben Riffel is one of Cape Town’s most famous sons and true local talent. He has a knack for unpretentious food and is known for the comfortable ambience of his eateries.

South African TV audiences will know him from his commercials and cookery shows as well as his role as one of the judges of MasterChef South Africa.

Behind the Scenes

Born in Franschhoek, Reuben grew up surrounded by foodie culture. His mother worked at the surrounding restaurants from time to time and when she brought samples home from work, Reuben got his first taste of fine dining. He admits that he was more interested in eating than cooking at first.

He attended high school in Paarl and joined his father in the construction industry after matriculating. Before long, he found a job as a waiter at Chamonix Restaurant. One night, he was asked to work in the kitchen due to a shortage of staff.

He enjoyed the experience but soon after he left the restaurant to join his uncle’s nightclub business. The after-hours scene was not for him and he soon found himself back at Chamonix working in the kitchen.

Reuben learned quickly under the tutelage of Christoph Dehosse and it didn’t take long before he was promoted to sous chef. Dehosse moved on and was replaced by Richard Carstens. When the latter left without warning one day, Reuben was forced to step into the shoes of the executive chef. As his skills increased, he moved on to other restaurants, travelling overseas to hone his skills.

Eventually, Reuben was invited by friends to open his own eatery in Franschhoek. The restaurant won immediate favour, earning the accolades “Chef of the Year” and “Restaurant of the Year” within 6 months.

One good thing led to another, and before long Reuben had opened several restaurants, all famous for their creative use of local ingredients to showcase South African flavours.

Put Reuben’s to the Test

You could experience his expertise during your stay in Cape Town accommodation at Racine or Reuben’s in Franschhoek, or one of the other Reuben’s Restaurants located in Robertson, at the V&A Waterfront and Paternoster.

Get in touch to book your Cape Town accommodation and get ready to explore the culinary genius of Cape Town’s home grown talent.

Image Credit: Franschhoek Wine Valley on flickr

Dining in Cape Town – Reuben Riffel

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