Celebrate the Rain During Your Stay in Cape Town City!

Singing in the Rain – The Cape’s Magnificent Waterfalls Flow Again

Join the jubilation in Cape Town this winter as the long-awaited rains are slowly undoing the damage of a punishing drought that has held the city in its grip for so long. The pitter-patter of rain has brought much-needed relief to most of the region, and while the crisis is far from over, it’s a step in the right direction.

Social media has been lit up with images of the Cape coming back to life. None are more beautiful than the sight of water gushing from waterfalls, features that had either dried up or been reduced to a feeble trickle.

Here are a few ways to indulge in the joy of water running down the mountainsides while staying in Cape Town self-catering accommodation this winter.

Woodstock Cave

If you head out to Woodstock Cave after a good soaking downpour you’re in for a surprise. Usually the site of a tiny stream, good rains draw a curtain of water across this cave. This only adds more appeal to this favourite picnic site which is found just a short walk from Tafelberg Road.

Find out more about Cape Town’s caves here.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Any time of year, Kirstenbosch is a delight for those seeking a break from the action of the city. During winter it is especially so, when you can follow the Yellowwood Trail to a permanent waterfall that is at its best during a wet winter.

This lush forest environment is the perfect place to spend a few moments in reflection and simply reconnect with nature just minutes from the city centre.

Jonkershoek Nature Reserve

No stay in Cape Town self-catering accommodation is complete without a trip to Stellenbosch’s world-famous wine route. While you are there, stock up on some picnic goodies and a bottle of the good stuff and head out to Jonkershoek Nature Reserve.

You will find a few fine examples of waterfalls among the huge mountains and lush valleys of this reserve. Take a walk along Eerste Rivier (First River) past Eerste Waterfal then clamber up the slope to Tweede Waterfal where you can lounge in the shade with your snacks.

Further Afield

Take a drive along the R301 up Bainskloof Pass between Wellington and Ceres for a scenic feast of water features. You’ll see waterfalls, rapids and ponds dotted all along this route and you can get to enjoy the pastoral delights of these charming towns during your journey.

It’s a magical way to spend a winter’s day in Cape Town. Get in touch if you would like to catch the last few weeks of a wonderfully watery Cape Town winter.

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