Cape Town’s best caves – Lion’s Head

Ever since we emerged from them all those years ago, caves have held a special fascination for mankind. Caves are a source of inspiration to all who explore their sometimes murky depths and have been the focus of myth and mystery since the beginning of time.

Whether you love the mystery that surrounds them or just enjoy a good hike, Cape Town has a hidden cave for you. Please take warm clothing and plenty of water whenever you hike around the Cape Mountains.

Wally’s Cave
One of Cape Town’s best-known and most photographed caves is Wally’s Cave. Found hidden in the folds of Lion’s head high above the Cape Town luxury suburb of Camp’s Bay, Wally’s cave is named after Wally Struthers. A master scout who lived to 104 years old, Wally was an avid fan of hiking among the Cape Mountains and spent much of his time building scenic rest spots just like the one found at ‘his’ cave.

Thanks to visitors posting images of themselves in all manner of poses above the glorious views visible from here, Wally’s Cave has found fame on Instagram, earning the nickname, ‘InstaCave’.

To reach Wally’s Cave, take the Lion’s Head hiking trail up to the first set of metal ladders. Here you duck through the small wire fence and continue around the mountain, passing small caves and a broken bench along the way. Keep close to the rock face until you reach a rocky ledge and see the cave above you. Scramble up to the top and snap away while you admire the stunning views over Table Mountain.

The going can get rough in wet weather, so choose a sunny, fine day to venture up to Wally’s Cave.

Watchman’s Cave, Lion’s Head
Watchman’s Cave is easy to find and popular for watching the sun give way to the moon in the evenings. The shallow interior is great for enjoying a sheltered picnic while you take in some of Cape Town’s finest views over Signal Hill and the twinkling lights of the harbour.

Don’t forget a spotlight and sturdy hiking boots for the trek back down – no mountain path is a safe place in the darkness.

To find Watchman’s Cave, park on Signal Hill Road and take the steep main Lion’s Head track with the boom in front of it.

Be sure to embrace the Cape Town luxury of awesome outdoor adventures when you visit the Mother City.

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