Cape Town Luxury Craft Beer

There’s nothing quite like a luxury Cape Town craft beer to seal the deal on a summer’s day brimming with the city’s best attractions and experiences. Celebrate freshly brewed beverages and good times at Ukhamba Beerworx in Woodstock where beer is both a passion and a craft.

The name ‘Ukhamba’ refers to the clay pot from which beer is shared at traditional Nguni African ceremonies. Cape Town’s latest beer-centric bar certainly holds a fair share of beery cheer for those who visit.

Founder Lethu Tshabangu began his love affair with hops while working at a Cape Town bar specialising in craft beer. He was soon inspired to try making his own with a little help from the Brewer’s Co-Op.

Today, Lethu owns Cape Town’s first BEE craft brewery and has come a long way from the home-brewed experiments that he used to whip up in his kitchen. Aside from opening his own brewery, Ukhamba Beerworx, collaborated with HopHazard Brewing (Brewers Co-op) to produce a beer that was recognised as a finalist in the South African Craft Beer Championships of 2015.

Their outlandishly named ‘Red Brick Shit House’ beer was pipped at the post but received acclaim for its malty, sherry flavour and lingering hop bitterness.

Other exceptional offerings from this master brewer include:
A Black IPA called ‘Pursuit of Hoppyness’ which delivers a blast of spicy malt flavours perfectly topped with hint of citrus
Utywala (Sorghum Saison) with a fruity, tart African twist courtesy of sorghum malt
An ‘All day’ IPA entitled ‘State Capture’ hints at citrus and grapefruit with each refreshing sip
Lethu is passionate about his craft and views his brewing skills as his ticket to freedom. Not just as a release from the 9 to 5 but also the freedom to create something enjoyable and worthwhile.

Ukhamba Beerworx is located at 145 Sir Lowry Street and officially opened on July 29, 2017. Meet up with Lethu and like-minded fans of the hop on Fridays from 4pm to 9pm and on Saturdays from 10h30 am to 12pm.

If you are unable to join the weekend fun on your next trip to Cape Town, order your favourite via email, then sit back and savour the latest tastes of the bustling Cape Town craft beer industry.

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