AfrikaBurn – A Festival of Fire In The Tankwa Karoo

While this kind of outdoor event may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s certainly worth attending the event at least once so you can say you’ve done it. AfrikaBurn, the festival of fire, is one of those ‘bucket list’ experiences that somehow just can’t be left unticked.

What is AfrikaBurn?

AfrikaBurn is a temporary kingdom of creativity set up in the Tankwa Karoo every year. The event celebrates art, music and performance with theme camps, costumes and quirky events.

This year the event takes place from 23 – 29 April 2018 and costs R1 645 per adult for the duration of the festival. Children under 14 pay R180 and subsidised tickets are available at R645. That being said, the planning for an AfrikaBurn experience can take a year in itself and it might even be worth considering it as an add on to your self catering holiday in Cape Town in 2019.

This year, participants are invited to choose their own theme as a celebration of the festival’s free-thinking ways.

What to Expect

Proceedings at AfrikaBurn are pretty loosely defined but there is one criteria – get involved.
Everyone is expected to contribute to the festivities by singing something, making something, dancing, cooking, gifting, sharing and playing. If you are self-conscious, you won’t look out of place wearing an elaborate disguise. Many of the participants work on their costumes for months before the event.

The entire occasion is run by volunteers and you can sign up to play your role on their Facebook page. AfrikaBurn is not a spectator event and nothing is for sale at this burning festival.

This culture of doing creates a wonderful sense of community with communal bonfires, uplifting music and a whole lot more.

Too Much of a Good Thing

All this activity can become stressful. After a few days, this frenetic party pace can become overwhelming amid the stress of camping in desert conditions far from familiar comforts.

For that reason, AfrikaBurn offers a Sanctuary just off all the action where you can receive help and a break from proceedings. There’s no place for stress and hardship at this event.

Setting the Night Alight

It is a tradition that participants at AfrikaBurn construct elaborate artworks and then burn them down for dramatic effect.

While this is a perfectly acceptable way to display your creativity, the organizers prefer it if your work can be dismantled and disseminated to the local community as firewood, or repurposed in another useful way.

Why Attend AfrikaBurn?

Let’s face it, modern times are short of truly unique experiences. AfrikaBurn offers an opportunity to let your imagination run wild, to search for inspiration and to bond with other creative folk. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Get your tickets and book your before-and-after Cape Town self-catering accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Image Credit: Photo by Dark Rider on Unsplash

AfrikaBurn - A Festival of Fire In The Tankwa Karoo


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