Add a Vegan Twist to Your Stay in Self-Catering Accommodation in Cape Town

It’s a great idea to opt for healthier options when you can during your stay in self-catering accommodation in Cape Town.

With so many luxurious indulgences to treat yourself with in the Mother City, you’re bound to stray far from the optimum dietary track. A healthy meal every now and then can only do you good. Even better if these healthier meals are fresh, delicious and served up in a charming environment.

Many people know little about the concept of vegan eating unless it crops up as an inconvenient dietary requirement when hosting a dinner party. A trip to Raw and Roxy in Woodstock will change these perceptions forever.

Find Your Mealtime Mojo

Here you’ll meat Beatrice Holst, founder of this trendy eatery, who is a great advertisement for a vegan lifestyle. Her healthy energy and youthful looks are enough to convince anyone to try one of her tasty and super healthy meals.

Forget the carrot sticks, at Raw and Roxy you’re in for a feast of flavour in the form of granola bursting with hints of coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, or zucchini pasta drenched in a garlic sauce with caper and cashew nuts. Another hit is from the salad bar and consists of Asian salad made up of red cabbage, raisins, dates, pink salt, lemon juice, herbs and more cashew nuts.

Guilt-Free Desserts

That’s not all, there’s dessert too. Nutty macaroons made from coconut, almond flakes and cacao butter and avocado-based chocolate tarts are every bit as scrumptious as their sinfully sugary counterparts.

Hot drinks made with raw honey, bee pollen and vanilla complete the picture.

If you’re still feeling peckish after all that, the spicy kale chips with a burst of chilli, sundried tomato, red pepper and garlic flavour are a great accompaniment.

Extra Treats

Naturally, there is a range of smoothies to try too, Pop into this down-to-earth diner with its simple counter and just 4 chairs and try one out. While you are sipping on a black grape, pomegranate, rose water and ginger concoction, you can find out more about the vegan way of life.

Beatrice is an accomplished chef having toured the world’s kitchens before settling down in Cape Town and adopting her ‘modest’ eating habits. A few minutes in her enthusiastic company is reason enough to visit Raw and Roxy during your self-catering stay in Cape Town.
There’s even a takeaway option so you can continue the decadence in the luxury of your own accommodation.

Image credit: raw and roxy



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